"Menjadi pusat perkembangan kanak-kanak swasta pertama di negara ini
yang menggunakannya, pengajaran menggunakan peralatan itu mampu
memberi pendedahankepada golongan kanak-kanak untuk mesra ICT"

- Harian Metro, 16 June, 2012.

"Sebagaimana yang ditunjukkan tadi (di GENIUS AULAD®) ada
'interactive board', yang walaupun dengan memberi
pelbagai kemudahan yang begitu canggih tapi yurannya
masih lagi kompetitif. Dan ini (seperti di GENIUS AULAD®) adalah
merupakan PENDEKATAN YANG TERBAIK untuk memberi kualiti
pendidikan prasekolah yang terbaik dgn mengekalkan atau
memberi harga yang kompetitif di pasaran."

- En Khairil Awang,
Pengarah Bahagian Pendidikan Swasta,
Forum session on Wanita Hari Ini TV3.

GENIUS AULAD® preschools offer ample opportunities to access
the curriculum through well designed and structured areas.

All other structured areas such as the Fun Indoor Play, the Snack time area,
the certified tempered glass lively Classrooms, the Starter Words and Iqra reading corner and others,
provide clear routines to ensure that through the session, the children are offered with a variety of
resources working towards meeting the curriculum and our team are there to support,
enhance and recognise their achievement and the progress being made. These findings are made
into written assessment that will travel with your child as he or she enters the primary school.

Genius Aulad Pedagogy & Parenting

UNDER THE LEMON TREE ACADEMY (UtLT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GENIUS AULAD,
a backbone to support the on-going teachers training and pedagogical continuous improvement of
GENIUS AULAD learning program and various enrichment courses for its parents.

Tapping on GENIUS AULAD track record of educationg young learners , Under The Lemon Tree Academy
aims to provide an avenue in imparting the knowledge and sharing skills in tackling
the challenges in educating young learners as parents and teachers.
It refutes the traditional view of teaching academy and believes that both parents and
teachers are in co-existence to acquire and to be empowered with the same skills and
knowledge for an action learning to take place , for the real development of young children.

Under the wings of GENIUS AULAD, Under The Lemon Tree Academy gathers competent,
caring and professional educators, counselors, administrators, and researchers to come
to create the future for young learners, engage in work enhanced by partnerships with
businesses, the community and schools, and strive to demonstrate
the best professional practices in teaching, learning and leadership.


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