• Looking For Your Next Business Venture?

    Let us help you make your dreams of providing quality Islamic Early Childhood Education to young Muslims, be it nationwide or internationally.

    For entrepreneurs, passionate educators and companies like you, we have two main business opportunities for you:

    • Franchise
    • Business & Corporate Collaboration
  • 1. Cost Effective Initial Investment

    The amount of investment made by the prospective franchisee is cost effective.

  • 2. Vast Experience & Good Track Record
    18 years establishment in early childhood education based on Islamic principles, English emphasis.

  • 3.Specialized Program & Protected Intellectual Property
    Balance, creative, and cheerful approach to education combined well-designed facilities concept.

  • 4. Site Selection & Operational Support
    Genius Aulad™ insyaAllah will assist you in your site selection and detailed step-by-step procedures, guidelines and policies in the daily operations of your Genius Aulad™ franchise.

  • 5. Continuous Teachers Training & Development
    We conduct ongoing professional teachers training and development for all our teachers.

  • 6. Collaborative Marketing
    Focus on your local territory marketing as Genius Aulad™ HQ will provide support for your national marketing. We also produce supportive marketing materials for your digital and traditional marketing.

  • 7. Noble Profession
    Give a sense of satisfaction by imparting education and serving the society at large.

  • Business Support

    Genius Aulad™ is backed by industry-leading loan and business programs to assist Franchisee who are passionate about education and wants to fulfil their dreams of having their Genius Aulad™. We believe that having solid business support will enable our franchisee to achieve their goals. Genius Aulad™ is supported by

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