Bernama Radio: Independence?

December 24, 2019

Recently, we caught up with the founder of Genius Aulad, Puan Zaliza Alias on the topic of Nurturing Independence in Young Children. Here are some of the things that were discussed on that episode!


Should children be taught on independence at the age of 6 and below?

In their early years, we can already see some elements of independence in their day to day activities, such as during pretend play. It’s a form of self-empowerment that children can pick up through their make-believe play, so independence is definitely something that should be a part of every child’s early childhood experience.


Will spoiling our children affect our children negatively?

It depends on how we view “spoiling” as. I feel like it’s not completely wrong to do so, because ultimately it comes from a place of love. (Even us adults, we love being spoiled by our parents and loved ones despite our age!) However, I do believe that there definitely needs to be a balance. If we give them tasks, we should also help them understand why they have to do them. For example, imagine giving them the task of wiping the table after a meal. Help them understand why they have to do it, rather than simply questioning whether they have completed the task or not. Children are very curious in nature, so be sure to bank in on that when you give them opportunities to nurture their independence!


Communication is a very important element, even if our children aren’t able to understand what we say. Any thoughts on the communication between parents and children?

Communication is a very broad subject. Back then, even an eye glare from our mother is enough to stop in our tracks (and not continue with whatever it is she caught us trying to do!). On that note, let’s look into some of the communication traits that parents can educate their children on how to be a good friend.

  1.       Empathizing with others and seeing perspectives other than their own.
  2.       How to manage their emotions well.
  3.       Understanding their actions.

As parents, there is a multitude of ways parents can go about improving their communication with their children. Good communication ensures a stronger connection between parent and child, which will in turn play a huge part in the way they pick up important life skills such as independence!


To hear more about what our founder, Puan Zaliza Alias has to say on this topic, catch a rerun of our episode on Radio Bernama’s Facebook Page! Be sure to tune in on our next and final episode, only on Bernama Radio!



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