September 21, 2023

Genius Aulad, a leading name in early childhood education, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the prestigious Motherhood Choice Award in the category of Islamic Early Childhood Education. The award ceremony took place on September 19, 2023, at the esteemed PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur as part of the Motherhood Choice Awards 2023 event.

The Motherhood Choice Awards 2023 is Motherhood’s effort to identify the favorite brands for pregnancy, maternity, baby, toddler, and kids’ products/services. In alignment with the government’s commitment to regulating and enhancing child safety measures, these awards aim to showcase top-quality, safe, and innovative products and services endorsed by mothers from around the world.

For over two decades, Genius Aulad has been a beacon of excellence in early childhood education, benefiting children aged four to six and gaining recognition for its innovative GENIUS-Balanced Methodology. What truly sets Genius Aulad apart is its commitment to providing personalized education and creating a secure and joyful learning environment tailored to each child’s unique needs. The program’s distinctive features include engaging thematic learning, in-house content development for educational materials, and continuous professional development for teachers. Genius Aulad’s primary focus is nurturing the distinctive potential of every child while fostering their overall growth and development.

Genius Aulad’s approach extends beyond academic excellence, encompassing Islamic preschool education, English language proficiency, and character-building through Quranic learning. The preschool offers comprehensive lesson plans and early literacy sessions and actively engages parents through the Student-Parents Activity (SPA) program.

Upon receiving the Motherhood Choice Award, Teacher Farah Hanisah, the Head of School at Genius Aulad, expressed her gratitude, saying, “We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our services to offer the best early childhood experience for children. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our exceptional teachers and staff for their unwavering efforts. Most importantly, we are grateful to the children and parents who have placed their trust in Genius Aulad, choosing us as their preferred Islamic early childhood education provider.”

Genius Aulad’s commitment to excellence, innovative approach, and unwavering dedication to early childhood education have earned it the esteemed Motherhood Choice Award, solidifying its position as a leader in the field.

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