March 23, 2020

School isn’t the only place for learning. As a Genius Aulad parent, you are indeed a part of our learning experience too!

When your child is at home, you are their teacher. However, everything doesn’t have to feel like a classroom lesson. Get your kids excited about discovering something new by disguising the learning activities as fun time.

Try this interactive storytelling that you can do at home with your child. From imaginative play and simple origami to rhythm and story activities, there are so many wonderful ways to integrate with the Road Trip Story.

While having fun, you will also help them develop their skills. By telling this story, let them practice physical skills when doing origami, let them brush the literacy when learning new words, let them explore their socio-emotional when talking about their experiences, and let them develop their cognitive brain when figuring our new shapes and movements.


Four areas of children development

Road Trip Story

Dear Mommy and Daddy, have a fun learning session with your child!

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