Why we should consider sending our children to FULL DAY PRESCHOOL?

November 23, 2018

Are you a working parents and constantly worry about the safety of your children? We often recommend to send your preschoolers to a full day preschool programs. Here are the reasons why…

Preschool are registered and monitored by MOE

Give yourself a peace of mind when you send your child to a registered MOE as preschool owners have to adhere to the quality standard and rules set by the ministry.

Teachers don’t cook

In preschool, teachers don’t have to cook or wash or clean rather they will put their focus entirely to educate and care for your child!

Full fun day education

Give your child the opportunity to explore their intelligence as the play and learn in preschool programs through out the day!

Security ensured

In a full day preschool, students don’t leave the school premise without the approval of parents. This is to ensure the safety of the chidlren are monitored at all time by preschool teachers.

Safe environment

In a full day preschool, children will only mix with other children their age. This is highly important for our preschoolers as we can ensure that they are not getting unnecessary exposure from other than our trained teachers.

At Genius Aulad our teachers work hard to ensure the happiness, intelligence, Iman and safety of your children is kept to the high standard we have set for all Genius Aulad centers.

Find us in your neighbourhood Genius Aulad centers to find out more or to join our FREE TRIAL CLASS here!

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