October 04, 2018

Assalamualaikum, Sekarang ini sibuk tentang usul supaya semua GURU TADIKA mempunyai DIPLOMA PENDIDIKAN AWAL KANAK-KANAK. Perlukah?

Ini pandangan Pengasas GENIUS AULAD yang telah hampir 20 tahun di dalam bidang Pendidikan Awal Kanak-kanak.

Are They Qualified?

A parent asked,

“What is the qualification of the teachers in GENIUS AULAD? Are they all graduates in Early Childhood?”

We happily answered,

“Most of the teachers are graduates, but they are mostly graduates in various fields!

  • They are with us because of their passion and patience, beyond the papers.
  • They are with us because they have skills and creativity of turning a box of “rubbish” into beautiful arts for children to learn.

Passionate and Dedicated

  • They are with us because they just love to jump and sing and play games with children, beyond the papers. They can memorize all the games and all children songs and can do it whole day from morning again and again every day.
  • They are with us because they don’t mind to make fool of themselves, to be the clowns to make children laugh but at the same time can very firm to make children listen and be disciplined. They can make the children love to line-up nicely going down the staircase while singing Solawat instead of running.
  • They are with us because they carry their responsibility even after-working hours or weekends to write Lesson Plans, teaching aids, class displays, stage props, costumes, and the list goes on.
  • They are with us because they can be calm when children pee in the pants, when drinks spill on the table, when the water colour is all over the floor, and more..
  • They are with us because they are there for the children who need to be washed at the toilet, who need to blow their nose, who need a hug even when the children are sweaty or with snot all over – without hesitation.

They are with us for their love, patience and passion beyond papers can measure.


From the Founder of GENIUS AULAD.
NOTE: Although the teachers are mostly graduates, we enrich them with on-going Early Childhood trainings and coaching by GENIUS AULAD in-house trainers (HRDF certified), as well as from various professionals.

– 19 Years of Teaching & Learning Beyond Papers –


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