Every centre of GENIUS AULAD is committed to be certified disinfected and sanitised following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health Malaysia for the safety standards for children's premises. We strive to put safety first for our children.

    Introducing GENIUS AULAD’s subsidiary group of companies, ASSIST 10 Sdn Bhd, experienced in the maintenance and facility services for more than 15 years for various institutions and premises. ASSIST 10 is very meticulous that everything is done thoroughly. ASSIST 10 does it from scratch for every single item, every single corner, every single hidden angle, and even the underneath. This also comes with a complete support of SOP for disinfectant and maintenance , as well as quality check for safety. Alhamdulillah, it is a peace of mind for us in GENIUS AULAD.


    All GENIUS AULAD centres are installed with CCTV systems to maintain records of the activities that take place in the centres.

    CCTV cameras are a great way to keep a check on teachers to monitor their attitude towards the children and whether or not they keep the practices recommended by the preschool.

    Rest assured that the data accumulated by the CCTV are all in good hands, there are a few guidelines that keep the usage of the data recorded at check.

    The system should be used for the security of the building only, however GENIUS AULAD reserves the right to use any CCTV images concerning safeguarding the children with consisting respect for any individual’s privacy.


    Our secured door system uses low-voltage power to keep the lock closed, which is the same kind of power that alarm systems use. The lock is disabled through a card swipe, or by keying in a number on a keypad.

    The door also generally set up to “fail-open”, which means that if the power is cut, they disengage automatically. This can mean the difference between life and death in the event of a fire.

    Across 70 of our GENIUS AULAD centres across Malaysia the safety of our children is our top priority thus this are some of the facility that is mandated in every of our centre in Genius Aulad.


    Children are tender and need the very best care since they come through different stages of development and growth. One item which should top of the list in regards to our children's safety and comfort is a thick flooring.

    The non-slip surface of our flooring helps reduce minor falls and bumps. They keep the tiny feet comfortable as they walk and play.

    Safety of our children is our top priority thus this is some of the facility that is mandated across all of our GENIUS AULAD.

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