• “I cherished the moments when parents understand child development and celebrate their children’s childhood by not pushing them to only excel in academics but happily enjoy school time.”

    Teacher Ashikin Hashim
    Genius Aulad Saujana Utama
    EDUCATOR AWARD 2019: Best Centre Management

  • “Though working as a preschool teacher is tiring and challenging at times, there is nothing better than when I can finally see the love and trust in the children eyes along with their understanding and appreciation of what they’ve just learned.”

    Teacher Zalikha Binti Ahmad Tarmizi
    Genius Aulad Seremban 2
    EDUCATOR AWARD 2019: Best Teacher

  • “It is important for us, teachers to follow the Genius Aulad standard operating procedure for the classroom, teaching and learning, personalized 1-1 reading, parental participation in school activities while providing a joyful and energetic atmosphere in the school.”

    Teacher Noraishah Binti Samad
    Genius Aulad Bandar Melaka
    EDUCATOR AWARD 2019: Best Centre Management

  • “My proudest moment as the early childhood educator is when I can see the happy and satisfied faces of the parents when they see their children grow and develop confidently at the end of the school year.”

    Teacher Balkish Binti Haji Ismail
    Genius Aulad Banting
    EDUCATOR AWARD 2019: Best Centre Management

  • “Undeniably one of the best parts about teaching for me is being able to learn all the time. Though we teach children, we also learn a lot of new things from them. Sometimes learning is something we do when there are new and better ways to teach the subjects that we love.”

    Puan Hjh Noazita binti Mohd Azib
    Genius Aulad Bandar Tun Hussein Onn
    FRANCHISEE AWARD 2018/ 2019: Champion in Preschool Performance

  • “One of the rewarding parts about teaching for me is when I see my students improving from below or an average learner to being able to step foot on stage and confidently give speeches and perform.”

    Puan Putri Intan Jalina Binti Megat Jaafar
    Genius Aulad Banting
    FRANCHISEE AWARD 2018/ 2019: Excellence in Education Delivery and Compliance

  • “Children grow and develop at their own pace. We can’t force development. My mission has been to ensure that the children are given their rights; Rights to play! Rights to explore! Rights to feel free to express their feeling!”

    Puan Kusnida Aliani binti Mat Kassim
    Genius Aulad Sungai Petani Kedah
    FRANCHISEE AWARD 2018/ 2019: Excellence in
    Operational Improvement and Students Well Being