Bernama Radio: Should Preschool Fees Dictate your Child’s Education Future?

December 05, 2019

Some parents are under the impression that the higher the fees are, the better their academic progress. Do expensive fees guarantee your child education excellence?


When it comes to the topic of school fees, it’s always associated with how “cheap” or “expensive” it is. Rather than look at it that way, what about looking at what actually goes into the fees? How are the facilities? Support system? Maintenance? Programme? Is the learning environment conducive? Are the teachers well-trained? These are some of the things that we take into consideration when we speak of our reasonable fees at Genius Aulad.


Can parents hope with high school fees, their child will become more well educated with best education programme as promised?

Education is a form of love that can’t always be measured numerically. When we say “well educated”, what does that mean? Is it only something that we assess based on their ability to read and write only? What if they’re able to say “Alhamdulillah”, or have a positive outlook on learning? Surely that must count as “well educated” too.  To answer this question, we must look at our children from all aspects, and not just in aspects that is easier for us to spot and count.


What are some of the misconceptions that parents have regarding school fees?

A common misconception would be that they do not get their money’s worth. They see the numerical value and think of it as expensive, but they often overlook what they truly get for what they are paying for.


Why preschools have different fees charges?

Certain factors would affect this, such as the upkeep of their facilities, teachers training, research and development expenses, and so on. At Genius Aulad, however, all fees are generally the same across Malaysia. The only thing that set them apart sometimes are the occasional promotions that some centres would run.


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