• 4 to 6 years old

    An enhancement lesson to develop living skills, communication & interaction skills, mannerism & values.

    • Programme Breakdown (8.30am-4.30pm)
    • Genius Aulad Preschool:
      Children enjoys structured fun-learning with Genius Aulad syllabus, lesson includes languages, Islamic education and mathematics.

    • Support session I (3R): Reinforcement, Revision, Relate.

    • Free Play, Lunch, Rest : Children use this time to let loose and use their energy as they please. They will fill up their tummies and have some me-time where they can either take a catnap, read a book, or just rest.

    • Support Session 2 (Islamic Session) : Once children finished resting, they will fill the time to perform Zuhur together. Children will also recite surah-surah lazim and do some Iqra’ reading.
    • Break Time : A little tummy- filling before the afternoon fun session starts. This will boost up their energy and make them better in learning.