At Genius Aulad, every day begins and ends with a salaam, smile and a warm hug.

    For 20 years, our cheerful and bubbly team of educators have dedicated themselves to nurturing happy young Muslims who love to learn, and are compassionate towards themselves and others.

    Filling the niche for professional ‘play-and-learn’ Islamic preschools that were very much limited back during its formation, Genius Aulad has grown to include more than 70 high-performance centres nationwide. Our islamic kindergarten is located in prominent states like Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Shah Alam, and Johor Bahru. Having nurtured more than 73,000 children throughout its history, we have the largest database of students as an Islamic preschool.

  • The Best Islamic Kindergarten Throughout Malaysia - KL, Johor, Selangor & Negeri Sembilan

    20 years have come and gone, and yet, we continue to be driven by our sense of responsibility and passion for learning. With more than 70 centres across the country, along with plans to expand beyond our very borders, Genius Aulad continues to pave the way as the leading best islamic kindergarten in Malaysia.


    At Genius Aulad, there is more than meets the eye when you and your child join our family.

    We provide a happy, secure and enriched learning environment for your children. Your child will feel safe and excited to explore and try new things. Simply put, feeling happy and safe makes learning possible at Genius Aulad.


    Through wildly creative, hands-on lessons, exciting school events and social engagement

    All our teachers nationwide go through hands-on, specialized training through the Genius Aulad Programme, which helps equip our teachers with the soft skills that they require. It is here that they will learn effective communication skills; how to manage a centre; to engage in continuous teaching developments; and attend the necessary corporate training. This comprehensive and holistic approach allows us to maintain a consistent quality in the education that we provide across the nation.


    As a Genius Aulad parent, you are indeed a part of our learning experience. We welcome you with open arms to work hand-in-hand with us as a team in supporting the educational journey of your child.

    Parent involvement in Genius Aulad is the first step to parent engagement and, ultimately, parent partnership. When parents and our teachers work together to establish a thriving classroom, the effect on the students is profound. We at Genius Aulad organized various activities with parents such as Students-Parents Activities (SPA) held bi-monthly with a various super hands-on theme.

  • Our Program


    Your child’s Preschool program is a homegrown educational program developed by our very own Education Department. Tailored for children between 4 to 6 years old, the program complies with the National Pre-School Curriculum Standard. It is designed to enable your child’s seamless transition into formal education after graduating from our school.


    This popular full-day programme as a continuation of Genius Aulad’s I.LO.V.E Playschool program, Beyond Preshcool promote a balance education that incorporates fun-learning and exploration. It is also an enhancement program that helps children from 4-6 years old to develop Living Skills, Communication & Interaction Skills, Mannerism & Values.