2020 School Fee

MORNING PRESCHOOLFROM RM320/mAge: 4 - 6 years old

3 hours daily is all it takes to give your child the lessons it needs to excel in academic as well as a young Muslim individual. Join us for a fun morning preschool class for the early riser!

AFTERNOON PRESCHOOLFROM RM320/mAge: 4 - 6 years old

A “beat the traffic” class option for parents who want a more relaxed schooling routine for their child while still enriching their mind with a 3 hour of fun learning!

BEYOND PRESCHOOLFROM RM590/mAge: 4 - 6 years old

Our popular special full-day Programme is an extension of our preschool program where it is designed to provide a more relaxed learning environment as they get to learn at their pace with more rest, play and learning!

MORNING PLAYSCHOOLFROM RM284/mAge: 2+ to 3 years old

A 2 hours daily playschool program for an active toddler in the morning, where the classes are designed with sensory, fun and enriching activities for the young students to get them.

AFTERNOON PLAYSCHOOLFROM RM284/mAge: 2+ to 3 years old

A more relaxed 2 hours afternoon playschool program designed for young explorer with activities to meet their early milestones while getting them accustomed to the fun learning culture that we impart in Genius Aulad.

SATURDAY PLAYSCHOOLFROM RM120/mAge: 2+ to 3 years old

A 2 hours a week program with special activities curated by early childhood educator for the young learners to ease them into the school environment and structured learning.

Annual Fee

School ProgramAnnual Fee
Preschool (Morning/Afternoon)RM1,550.00
Beyond Preschool (Full Day)RM1,600.00
Playschool (Morning/Afternoon)RM568.00
Playschool (Saturday)RM400.00
*Annual Fee includes annual registration, administration fee, learning materials and academic books. For mid-year intake, the yearly fee will be a divide in half.