January 02, 2020

The final week before starting preschool seem to fly by!

Are you ready dear parents? Worry not, we have prepared The Preschool Countdown series for you 😄

As you begin the countdown to the first day, here are some things to keep in mind:

A week before preschool starts.

1. Purchase a backpack together with your child and let them choose. This gives them a sense of control and emphasizes the fact the fact that they are “big kid” ready for preschool.

2. Inform the preschool’s teacher if your child has allergy or medication that he or she takes on a daily basis. There will be special rules and forms to fill out.

3. Figure out how your child will get to school and how they will come home. Talk to your child about the morning and afternoon routine.

4. Help your child get into a preschool routine by keeping to their school bedtime, beginning about a week before school starts.

See you all on the first day of school!


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