The Makings Of A Teacher

May 22, 2018

Every teacher wants to be a good teacher, but what is this myth about being a “good teacher”? Who is it? What are the requirements? And how can you become one?

When it comes to early childhood education programs, a good teacher is critical. But, what makes a good teacher? Is it paper qualifications. Do paper qualifications matter still?

Recently a parent approached us, “What is the qualification of the teachers in Genius Aulad? Are they all graduates in Early Childhood?”

We happily answered, “Most of our teachers are graduates, but they are mostly graduates in various fields!”

Then the parent asked the important question that months later we chose to be the highlight of this blog post – “What makes them so unique?”

Here is why we believe our teachers are exceptional and more:-

They are Passionate

Our teachers, they are here at Genius Aulad because of pure passion and patience, beyond the shackles of paper qualifications because teaching is their true calling. We see the strength that are written in their desire to make “good” become “excellent”.

They Think Out Of The Box

Our teachers, they are practically limitless. Their skills and creativity have nary a boundary. Often times even turning a box of “unnecessary” into beautiful arts for children to learn with – spontaneously!

They Are Family

Our teachers, they are part of Genius Aulad family because they just love to jump and sing and play games with children like their own kids. They can memorise all the games and children songs and can do it whole day from morning till the last class session, again and again, every day.

They Have The Most Fun

Our teachers, they don’t mind to make a fool of themselves, to be the clowns to make children laugh but at the same time can very firm to make children listen and be disciplined. They can make the children love to line-up nicely going down the staircase while singing Solawat instead of running.

They Are Diligent

Our teachers, they carry their responsibility even after-working hours or weekends to write Lesson Plans, teaching aids, class displays, stage props, costumes, and the list goes on.

They Love Tirelessly

Our teachers, they can be calm when drinks are spilt on the table and when the watercolour is all over the floor. They are there for the children who need to be washed at the toilet, who need to blow their nose, who need a hug even when the children are sweaty or with snot all over – without hesitation.

Lastly, our teachers, they are here with us for many long years for their genuine love, patience and passion.
As the Malaysia love song goes, “Cintaku Bukan Di Atas Kertas”, the true love for teaching is beyond papers can measure.

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