When can we start talking about politics with our children?

May 10, 2018

Oh no, really? It’s always a tricky question after all. Can we talk about POLITICS with our children? Where are the boundaries for us as parents become too much to share?

Well, first of all, you can! Politics is part of parenting. However, as parents, we need to know what we can share when we speak about politics with our children.

Politics, although it’s taboo topics, it can be easily described as simple of these two definitions.

  1. It is about speaking positively about leaders and leadership
  2. It is about planning for the next action

So, are you ready Mummies and Daddies? Here we go, a fun academic way you can share your child about politics by their age:-

Age 4

At this age, they love to VOTE FOR CHOICES in making a small happy task together.

Try this: Ask your child, “Who will colour their flowers red and who will colour blue?” Or “Let us vote, what colour to wear to go to Atuk Wan’s birthday today?”

Age 5

Believe it or not, CHOSEN TO BE RESPONSIBLE is what children at this age love to be. They love to be given small tasks and be reward with smiles and claps!

Try this: Tell your child, “You have been chosen to help Mummy baking cupcakes today! ” Or “You have been chosen to help Daddy wash his car together today!” Look at their beaming eyes!

Age 6

By now, they love to be EMPOWERED AS A LEADER. They can understand better the meaning of being an Abang Long or Kak Long, an older sister or brother. They want to show that they are grown ups too! You sure have seen how a young girl loves wearing her mother’s high heels?  😉

Try this: Ask your child, “You will be the Captain for this school holiday. Let us read together for you to show us the places you want to us to go!” Remember, we are also teaching them reading while looking at the names and pictures of the places. Vibrant “leadership” reading that is!

In a world surrounded by negativities, our children need to be directed for happy and positive teaching, even for something political.

As we teach our children about the world, our children are teaching us what the world is all about“.

With peace and love,
The Founder of GENIUS AULAD.

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