5 cara "bermain" di dalam Masjid!

March 02, 2020

Sudah bersedia nak bawa anak-anak ke masjid RAMADHAN ini ? Sebelum itu, jom kita fikir satu persoalan – Perlukah kita memarahi anak-anak yang bermain di dalam masjid ? Memang naluri setiap anak2 adalah bermain , dan kita sepatutnya “bermain” bersama mereka — ya, walaupun di dalam masjid. Bagaimanakah caranya?

We learn a lot from our GENIUS AULAD children as we practice Solat every day with them. In fact, the first GENIUS AULAD outdoor activity EVERY YEAR is to bring children to the Masjid — to learn on how to respect and love the masjids.

Here are what we learn from our children, about play and pray in the masjid :-

    1. Arranging shoes is game ! Children love to sort and arrange things – only if we make it as a game , not a chore. SUGGESTION : Arrange shoes according to sizes from big to small , or arrange according to colours. (IMPORTANT : But how do they play that if we adults just “campak” our shoes just like that without arranging? Some adults even “pijak” other people’s shoes just like that ! )
    2. “Sila Beratur” – Lining up is a game ! See how children find it fun to take turns , to stand behind each other , to do “choo-choo train”to make lines .
      (IMPORTANT : But how do children play that if we adults love to cut the lines, always want to rush others, even block other cars at the car park etc? )
    3. Wudhu’ is a fun water play ! Children may not take their Wudhu’ perfectly yet , but they love the every opportunity to the “water play” with their friends, washing every part of wudhu’ in sequence.
      (NOTE : Adab of using toilets in the masjids is just as important as Adab of Wudhu’. How do we teach children that Wudhu’ is to clean ourselves when the toilets are uncared for by us adults? Even worse, some adults take masjid toilets as the place to throw their babies’ diapers !!! Familiar with that sight? May Allah guide us.)
    4. To be in the Saf is a game ! Children love to stand side by side , shoulder to shoulder , feet to feet. Believe it or not, it is a Discipline-Game . It is the best time to discipline a child, that even the most active among them want to participate and stand in the line.
      (IMPORTANT: But how do they play that when we adults keep pushing them out of the Saf , hushing and saying that they are not supposed to be in the same line , really ? Well at least, could we accomodate the sides Saf for them so that they can be together with us? )
    5. Every play has a rule and has the aim. Children love to be explained that the aim for Solat is to aim for Jannah , to aim for Jannah is to gain the mercy of Allah , to gain the mercy of Allah is to thank Allah, to obey Allah and to love Allah as our Creator. To the children , it is a play that comes from their loving heart.
    6. (IMPORTANT : But how do they play that when adults are seen busy with their handphones and gadgets in the masjids , even at the time of Khutbah? Worse , when adults give them handphone and gadgets to play in the masjid – with the sound on ! )

In the end, “Children see, Children Do ” – is the name of the game. We adults set the example of the game, and yet we scolded our children for playing it .

Let’s play the love and respect for our children together. Inshaaa Allah

Lead The Way.

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